The Company

iStock_000009782909XSmallFaros Ausili S.R.L., is a company dedicated for over 45 years to the tooling and injection of thermoplastics, the main item being the manufacture of rear lights and side heavy line .

Created by Aldo C. Ausili , children today still maintaining the three pillars of its founder : INNOVATION, RELIABILITY and DURABILITY

Lighthouses Ausili provides customers not only compliance with technical specifications of the product but the delivery terms in response to the specific needs each .

The company has injectors, that allow to provide high quality and fast delivery .

Fog Ausili together the expertise of the Directorate with the tenacity of its employees seeking to maximize competitive advantage , satisfying the requirements of customers to expand their market share .

In 2011 , the Company obtained certification under ISO 9001:2008 for its Quality Management System , which allows you to effectively manage their processes in pursuit of customer satisfaction , ensuring the reliability of the products and the and timely fulfillment of contractual commitments.